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Soap & Sanitisers

Hand Soap Dispensers

The use of soap and warm running water is an important method for cleansing hands. A diverse washroom product range ensures a solution is offered that suits the specific needs of each customer’s hand care hygiene program. Economical wall mounted soap dispenser units can be used in any size public, industrial and commercial washroom. A wide range of liquid, spray & foaming soap are available.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand washing is essential in preventing the spread of illness, however when used alone is not enough to kill bacteria. Antibacterial hand sanitisers work quickly to destroy bacteria, and are effective due to their ease of use. Cahir Hygienes instant hand sanitiser dispenser range can be used in most types of commercial, industrial, healthcare and food manufacturing environments.

Hand Drying Systems

Hygienic hand drying is a very important step to clean hands. Cahir Hygiene provides three distinct hand drying solutions

  • Cloth hand towels.
  • Air Towel hand dryer.
  • Paper hand towels.

An assessment of the current washroom facilities, and your business operations is used to determine the best fit solution for each customer.