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Odour Control

The presence of pleasant aromas is one of the most important elements of creating a comfortable washroom experience.

Air Fresheners

Cahir Hygiene provide automatic wall mounted air fresheners, which are programmed to dispense a measurised dose of fragrance at selected intervals. The unique dispenser is designed to last longer and reduce interruptions to your washroom for servicing.

  • Features Programmable hours of operation to match washroom traffic
  • Batteries replaced each service
  • Atomiser replaced each service
  • Environmentally friendly - no CFCs
  • Prolonged airborne suspension of fragrance
  • Selection of fragrances available - made from natural organic oils


Urinal and WC Sanitisers

Urinal and WC sanitisers control odours at the source before they become airborne, improving the overall hygiene, cleanliness and comfort of your washroom. The wall mounted sanitiser dispenser is programmed to automatically clean and deodorise with every flush.

  • Features Helps prevent uric acid buildup
  • Cleans and removes surface deposits
  • Extremely effective in hard water areas
  • Fully automatic, consistent, timed and metered dosage