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Disposable Cartons / Bags

We supply disposable Paper / Foam and Plastic food containers for Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafes and hot food counters.

Burgers / Hot Dog / Small Lunch Foam Cartons

Small burger box HP7/MP1 4 x 125’s
Large burger box HP6/IP6 4 x 125’s
Round burger box RO5 4 x 125’s
Small lunch box KP9/HP2 4 x 125’s
Large lunch box KP10/HP3 4 x 125’s
1 comp box HP4 lunch box 2 x 100’s
2 comp box HP4/2 lunch box 2 x 100’s
3 comp box HP4/3 lunch box 2 x 100’s
Hot dog box 4 x 125’s

Paper Containers / Bags

Small snack box 500’s
Medium snack box 500’s
Large snack box 400’s
Small burger box 500’s
Large burger box 500’s
Tapered fish & chip box 500’s
Portion chicken bags 175 x 230 x 200mm 500's
Standard chicken bags 175 x 230 x 300mm 500's
Large chicken bags 175 x 230 x 390mm 500's
(S) Brown Paper bag w/handle 7x10.5 x8.5” 250’s
(M) Brown Paper bag w/handle 8x13x10” 250’s
(L) Brown Paper bag w/handle 10.5x15.5x12.5” 250’s